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The Advantage And Application of CNC Swiss Machines

Views: 0     Author: Ada Liu     Publish Time: 2024-06-18      Origin: Site

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The Advantage And Application of CNC Swiss Machines

Definition and Application

CNC Swiss machine is an advanced CNC machine, which connects the transmission shaft and main shaft together, adopts high precision control system and finely designed structure, making it finishes rough machining and fine machining respectively, and complete machining of multiple faces with one clamping of the workbench, owning to this, it has high machining efficiency and stability. CNC Swiss machine is mainly used as an efficient machining tool for small-diameter holes, square holes, special-shaped holes, etc., and can achieve efficient and precise cutting of small-diameter parts.  


I: It improves the efficiency of production greatly in terms of overall machining process, because CNC Swiss machine can change the auxiliary time.

II: As CNC Swiss machine can finish complete compound machining at one time, so CNC turning and milling compound machining can work out all machining processes or most of machining processes at one time.

III: The overall design structure of CNC Swiss machine saves the machining time greatly, because it adopts a double-axis arrangement prop, and realizes the function of effective axis movement overlap and direct spindle indexing function.

IV: CNC Swiss machine is specialized for machining long and small parts in large quantities, with high precision, multiple varieties and complex shapes, and can also achieve high-quality machining.

VI: CNC Swiss machine has a fully automatic feeding device, so it can be fully automated for production, which reduces labor cost greatly and also reduces some inferior and defective products produced in the reproduction process. Therefore, it is the best choice for producing large quantities of precision shaft, small and complete parts.

As a highly efficient, stable and multi-functional machining equipment, CNC Swiss machine is favored by the machining industry. Through high-precision machining way and advanced equipment, CNC Swiss machine has become an indispensable machining equipment in industries such as mold manufacturing, precision machining, and automotive parts. While bringing more benefits to production companies, it also facilitates people's lives, drives the development of social economy, and makes people's lives more technological.

Our contemporary CNC equipment and programs can support even the most elaborate geometries and allow us to meet the challenges of daily new creations of modern industry.
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