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The Difference between And Laser Cutting And Cnc Machining

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The Difference between And Laser Cutting And Cnc Machining

Laser cutting, CNC machining are all common methods of metal fabrication and both has unique advantages and disadvantages. 

The main characteristics of laser cutting are fast cutting speeds and good cut quality, but can be mushy and watery. Particularly in die-cut part production, laser cutting can be used as an alternative solution to mechanical cutting processes, providing higher accuracy and faster prototyping capabilities.

CNC parts machining has many advantages such as high precision, high efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, making it an indispensable key technology in modern manufacturing. But the cost will be a little more expensive than laser cutting, it depends on the structure of the product and the customer's cost budget for the product, if the surface requirements are not high, the price is very sensitive, then you can choose the laser cutting, if the surface requirements are high, the requirements of the product precision, then cnc machining is a better choice of process!

Our contemporary CNC equipment and programs can support even the most elaborate geometries and allow us to meet the challenges of daily new creations of modern industry.
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