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Anodized CNC Aluminum Alloy Parts with Or without Sandblasting

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Anodized CNC Aluminum Alloy Parts with Or without Sandblasting

 Anodizing is a commonly used surface treatment for aluminum parts. You can choose between a matte or glossy finish. And there are also other two common types of anodizing processes: Sandblasted anodizing and non-sandblasted anodizing. Both methods offer distinct advantages and are suitable for different applications.

Sandblasted anodizing involves applying fine abrasive particles (such as Glass Beads, Steel Grit and Chemical Sand) before the anodizing process. This pre-treatment method is commonly used on aluminum alloys to create a roughened surface, which improves adhesion and wear resistance. The sandblasting process imparts a uniform matte or semi-matte finish to the surface, helping to conceal surface imperfections and enhance the overall appearance.

Non-sandblasted anodizing, often referred to simply as anodizing, involves directly creating an oxide layer on the metal surface through an electrochemical process in an acidic electrolyte. During anodizing, a thick, dense oxide layer form on the surface, providing exceptional corrosion resistance, insulation, and decorative properties. The surface of non-sandblasted anodizing appears smoother than that of sandblasted anodizing, but it cannot hide surface imperfection as effectively as sandblasted anodizing parts.

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