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How To Choose CNC Engraving, Laser Engraving And Silk Printing

Views: 0     Author: Ada Liu     Publish Time: 2024-06-24      Origin: Site

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How To Choose CNC Engraving, Laser Engraving And Silk Printing

Do you want to customize your marks?

Do you know how many ways there are to make your marks?

Do you know how to choose the way when marking it?

Here I will introduce CNC engraving, laser engraving and silk printing marking way to help you out.

CNC Engraving Marks

If the mark is large, deep (over 0.3mm) or on curved face, it has to be CNC machined, there are two ways about CNC engraving.

Option #1, CNC engraving before coating, this marking way, marks color is the same with coating color. For example, if it is an aluminum part with Red anodizing, then the mark is in Red too.

Option #2, CNC engraving after coating, this way marks will show material color, for example, if it is a Brass part with black PVD coating, after CNC machining, the marks is yellow ( the same color with brass), if it is an Aluminum part in RED color, after machining, mark is in Silver color (Aluminum color).

Laser Engraving Marks

This is the most useful, cheapest and convenient marking way. There are two ways too.

Option #1, Laser engraving before coating, this way is similar with CNC engraving Option #1, the color will be the same with part color, the difference is that laser engraving depth is about 0.2mm maximun and marks can not be too large, because laser engraving machine power is limited, if the mark is too big and deep, it will take too long a time to finish, in which case we might suggest CNC engraving.

Option #2, normal way of laser engraving is engraved marks after coating, the option color is white, black and grey. For different parts or different coating, the marks color may be slightly different, it can be engraved on flat/curved face, and you can make mark flat or with slight depth.

Another advantage of laser engraving is that it can make the part conductive. So if the part has to be conductive, we don’t need to set up CNC machines to remove the coating. As you know laser engraving machines is much more easier to set up than CNC machines, and defect rate is lower, so this is a good way for us to provide good price and quality.

Silk Printing

Silk printing is a film on surface, we have to make a film mold first, normally is about 100 usd. And the mark is flat, and all kinds of colors are available.

Our contemporary CNC equipment and programs can support even the most elaborate geometries and allow us to meet the challenges of daily new creations of modern industry.
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