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The Surface Treatment of Mirror Polish after CNC machining

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The Surface Treatment of Mirror Polish after CNC machining

We will always do different surface treatment to make the parts more beautiful after CNC machining, I will talk about the mirror polishing today.

The mirror polishing process is divided into chemical mirror polishing and mechanical mirror polishing.

Mechanical mirror polishing is the process of grinding and polishing metal materials to achieve a flat, bright mirror-like surface.

Polishing is the last process on the surface of a plated or sample workpiece to eliminate the fine abrasive marks that remain on the surface of the sample after the polishing process. Ideally, the mirror polishing surface should be a mirror-like surface that is free of marks, bright, flat, no relief, no metallic disturbing layer, and no pits.

The chemical solution mirror polishing process uses a chemical solution to soak the sample, removing the oxidized skin from the sample surface to achieve a bright finish. The chemical polishing process is fast, convenient, cost-effective, and has a very good brightness that exceeds that of similar products in the market.

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