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How Aluminum Extrusion Save CNC Machined Parts Cost

Views: 0     Author: Ada Liu     Publish Time: 2024-07-08      Origin: Site

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How Aluminum Extrusion Save CNC Machined Parts Cost

When you searched and saw this news that means you are thinking about how to lower CNC machined parts cost and keep product in high quality.

Most time if your part design has a regular shape, we may make suggestions for you to make some molds first then with CNC machining if it is necessary, molds like Aluminum extrusion, welding, forging, MIM, Injection and so on, it is based on the designs. While in CNC machining industry, the most normal mold is Aluminum extrusion. For example, we will custom some Aluminum tube, Aluminum square stock, hex stock and other stock according to the products, when we have the certain material, it is easy for us to machine.

Why custom extrusion mold can save machining cost?

1. Some parts the inside structure tolerance is not very important and can not be worked out by CNC machines for some reasons, but it can be shaped in extrude process, so this way make some impossible to possible.

2. Extruded first then CNC machining helps to saving material cost.

3. Extruded first then CNC machining helps to saving machining cost.

But as it is molded, so we have to pay mold cost, some mold cost is cheap like 500.00, 600.00 usd, but if the part is big some extrusion cost is expensive like 3000.00 usd, 4000.00 usd, so if molded first or not depends on order qty and how complex the part it is, if the order qty is not too much, which the saving material and machining cost is less than mold cost, CNC machining directly is the best way. If the saving material and machining cost is over mold cost, then molding first makes sense. All depends on the design and order qty.

If you have some inquiry or any question on designs, please feel free to contact us, we can study and make suggestions for you, it’s worth noting that all suggestions and inquiries are free.

Our contemporary CNC equipment and programs can support even the most elaborate geometries and allow us to meet the challenges of daily new creations of modern industry.
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