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The Advantage of Gold Plating for Brass

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The Advantage of Gold Plating for Brass

Brass is easily oxidized and discolored, we will consider plating to prevent brass fittings are oxidized after cnc machined, today I will introduce the role of gold plating

Gold plating of brass has the following main advan:

1. Improve corrosion resistance: metal brass is easy to oxidize in the air, forming copper oxide, which affects its performance. Gold plating can form a layer of protective film to prevent the brass from contacting with the air, thus improving its corrosion resistance.

2. Improve electrical conductivity: metallic brass has good electrical conductivity, but the conductivity will decrease after oxidation. After gold plating, the good conductivity of brass can be maintained.

3. Improve wear resistance: metal brass has relatively low hardness and is easy to wear. After gold plating, it can improve its hardness and increase wear resistance.

4. Improve the aesthetics: the color of metal brass is dark and not eye-catching enough. After gold plating, it can make the surface of brass show golden color and improve its aesthetics.

5. Prevent gold and copper diffusion: at high temperature, gold and copper will diffuse, affecting the performance of the plating. Gold plating can prevent the diffusion of gold and copper and keep the performance of plating layer stable.

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